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after Pablo Picasso - Tete de Femme (newsprint)

Pablo Picasso Tete de Femme (newsprint)

Newspaper cutting,  on thin newspaper, annotated in pencil verso “In Nice  (about) Sept 1949” (The world ‘about’ is crossed out), Signed by Pablo Picasso in ink beneath the portrait of Francois Gillot, the print is dated, in the stone, 2.11.45.

Size:  The work is on the front of a folded newsprint. 

The folded page on which it is printed measures 210 x 305 mms

The entire sheet unfolded measures:  305 x 475 mms

References for the prototype print:  

Bloch, Georges. Pablo Picasso, catalogue de l'oeuvre gravé et lithographié 384

Mourlot sale  1994, 5

Mourlot Sale 2003, 4

Note:  The newsprint on which this is published deals generally with the “plastic arts” and has articles within on the subject. This obviously came into the possession of the artist who , liking his portrait of Francoise Gillot ,  and signed it accordingly.

The depiction shows a scarce piece by Picasso:

State 1 of the Lithograph was made in only 18 proofs for the artist and printer.

State 2.  Our prototype: This was made on the 2nd November 1945 with only 18 proofs made for the artist and printer. The stone, from which it was made, was polished out. 

The prototype print for this item is rather scarce. This item is an unusual and probably unique piece.

Provenance: Patrick Cramer Gallery, Geneva.

Condition: Some tears along the folds of the paper not obstructing the image, foxing and folds.