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Pablo Picasso - Exposition Vallauris 1958

Pablo Picasso Exposition Vallauris 1958

Original Linocut,  Mouguins, July 1961,  Second State, on Arches wove paper, signed by the artist in pencil


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Patrick Cramer: Pablo Picasso: The Illustrated books - Number 115

Berggruen : 323

Bloch Books : 112

Edition: 57/100 From the signed and numbered edition of 100.

The First state had but one impression with the head and torso in the shape of a triangle (Baer 1275).

The second state consisted of one or two Trial proofs on Offset paper and a definitive edition of 100 signed and numbered impressions on Arches paper.

Size: Image size:  299 x 391 mms; Paper size 430 x 543 mms

Published by: Editions Berggruen, Paris, in 1962

Printed by : Arnera, Vallauris

Condition: In very good condition. 

Note: This work was included in the Deluxe version of the book “Diurnes” which was a collaboration between Picasso, the photographer Andre Villers and the poet Jacques Prevent. Originally the linocut was presented in a cloth-covered portfolio with tie strings with a reproduction of the title in Picasso’s hand on the front. A selection of works including Picasso’s origiunal cut-outs, Villers photographs and Perverts manuscripts were exhibited together at Galerie Madoura, Cannes and at Galerie Berggruen, Paris (Berggruen was also the Publisher of the book). The book was cleverly constructed by Picasso’s cut-outs being photographed by Villers in a surrealistic fashion and Pervert, letting his eyes wander from image to image, giving a delightful account of there visual promenade. The title “Diurnes” evokes figurative beings who only live for a day and Prevert tells the story of 30 “ephemeris" from sunrise to sunset. The linocut represents a seated woman