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Pablo Picasso - Deux Nus Assis

Pablo Picasso Deux Nus Assis

Original Etching, Boisgeloup, September/October 1933 ,  Third State, on vieux japan paper, signed by the artist in pencil, 

Edition:  100 copies

In this state the tirage was as follows:

4 proofs on vex japan paper (Numbered 1 to 4)

16 proofs on verge ancien paper (numbered 5 to 20

80 proofs on Velin Rives (Numbered 21 to 100) - From which our example comes.

A number of additional artists proofs. 


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Size:  260 x 186 mms (Plate size) ; 480 x 330 mms (Paper size)

Printed by: Vernant and Fort

Published by: Edition le Novel Essor (G.Jacquart) - 1933

Note: The first state of this etching was made by Fort in 1930 with 2 Trial proofs on Rives paper.  The plate was then adapted for the Second State made in and edition of just 10 and one additional Trial Proof. In 1932/3 the plate was reduced in size and the published edition, by Novel Essor (G.Jacquart) was made in 1933. Baer calls for proof numbers 1/20 to be on vieux japan paper and  21/100 to be on Rives paper. Everything about our piece seems good and we must assume that there are exceptions (such as the piece sold at Sothebys 5/1/2008 which was on wove paper also)

According to Baer the copper plate was sold to M Jacquart (Le Nouvel Essor, 40 rue des Saints Peres) at the begging off 1931. The copper was in the possession of M Jacquart and was cancelled.