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Pablo Picasso - Television: Cours de Chars a L' Antique

Pablo Picasso Cours de Chars a L' Antique

Television: Tank racing in ancient times.

Roman chariot rider with prancing horse.

Medium: Original Etching,  13/4/1968 III.  Mouguins,  on Rives Paper,  with full margins, signed by the artist in pencil and dated in the plate. 

Edition:  22/50. There were also 17 artists proofs.

Size:  314 x 417 mms (Plate size)

Publisher: Galerie Louis Leiris Gallery, Paris, France

Printed by : Crommelynck  Freres, Paris, France

Note: The Roman one horse carriage, derived from the Gallo-Brittanic single horse war chariot, was an essedum and this appears to be what the figure on this etching is driving. This was number 35 from the 347 series. It was made the same day as a similar Aquatint depicting the same subject but of fundamentally different composition.It depicts an ancient times bearded charioteer driving his prancing horse. Quite a lot of the 347 series was devoted to classical scenes such as this.

Public Collections:  Picasso Museum, Munster ,Picasso Museum Malaga


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