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Pablo Picasso Ceramics

Pablo Picasso Little Face No.12

Little Face Number 12 

Medium:  Round plate, 1965, made of white  earthenware clay,  decoration in engines and enamel, straw colour, blue, black. Verso with “Madoura Plain Feu” stamp and numbered from the edition of 100.

Ramié, Alain. (GM.88) (AR) 1988. Picasso: catalogue de l'oeuvre céramique édité

1947-1971. Vallauris: Galerie Madoura. (AR.460)

Manufactured by: Madoura Potteries, France

Condition: In very good condition.

Size: 250 x 250 mms

Edition: 150


Pablo Picasso Carreaux aux motifs

Circle with face

Carreaux aux motifs

Visage dans la forme d'un losange

Red unglazed earthenware clay tile, March 1971, inscribed verso “Poincon original de Picasso” -

“J170” with the Madoura Plein Feu stamp

Ramié, Alain.(AR) 1988. Picasso: catalogue de l'oeuvre céramique édité  1947-1971.

Vallauris: Galerie Madoura - AR 632 (page 299)

Georges Rame 653

Mallen, Enrique, edOnline Picasso Project. Sam Houston State University.

1997-2016. (71:375)

Manufactured by: Madoura Potteries, France

Size: 147 x 147 mms

Edition: Numbered verso from the edition of 500 copies