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Salvador Dali - Etude pour le "Studio Imaginaire de Cadaques"

Salvador Dali Studio Imaginaire de Cadaques
Salvador Dali Studio Imaginaire de Cadaques stamp

Etude pour le “Studio Imaginare”de Cadaques (

Original pen and Ink drawing on paper,  circa 1949, Signed below to the right withe a crowned GALA DALI (Dali was made a Marquis by the King of Spain and the crown refers to this.,

Size:  280  x  373 mms

Provenance: Galerie Andre-Francois Petit,  122 Boulevard Haussmann, Paris (Label verso)

Private French collection.

Note: This shows a Plyhedra with an artist and his palette within. Polyhedra became popular motives in art when linear perspective was introduced by the Italians of the fifteenth century. The flat faces and hard edges of polyhedral forms makes them very good exercises for this wanting to practice perspective constructions. The “Sacrament off the Last Supper” by Dali contains a skeletal outline of part of a regular dodecahedron - the Platonic symbol of the universe.

Authentication: The buyer obtains a certificate from Nicolas Descharnes number d5765 dated 25/11/2016