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Salvador Dali - Signs of the Zodiac


Salvador Dali Frontispiece
Salvador Dali Virgo
Salvador Dali Taurus
Salvador Dali Libra
Salvador Dali Scorpio

                      Frontispiece                                             Virgo                                                 Taurus                                                   Libra                                                  Scorpio


Salvador Dali Pisces
Salvador Dali Sagittarius
Salvador Dali Nude at the Fountain
Salvador Dali Aries
Salvador Dali Aquarius

                          Pisces                                            Sagittarius                                                  Leo                                                       Aries                                              Aquarius

Salvador Dali Cancer
Salvador Dali Capricorn
Salvador Dali Gemini

                                                                 Cancer                                                                 Capricorn                                                                   Gemini

Suite of 13 lithographs, 1968, described by Field (Page 151 - Reference 67-6) which illustrated the twelve signs of the Zodiac in cloth case of issue with justification de tirage. The Frontispiece is signed by the artist in the stone.

Size: 75 x 52 cms (Paper size) 64 x 47.6 cms (Image size)

Printed by: Mourlot Freres, Paris

Published by: Leon Amiel, New York

The works are as follows:

Frontispiece (editioned in pencil, signed in the stone)

Field 67-6.A/Prestel 1183 - Aries            Field 67.6.B/Prestel 1181 - Capricorn

Field 67.6.C/Prestel 1192 - Leo              Field 67.6.D/Prestel1184 - Cancer

Field 67.6.E/Prestel1187 - Gemini          Field 67.6.F/Prestel 1185 - Virgo

Field 67.6.G/Prestel 1186 - Scorpio        Field 67.6.H/Prestel 1182 - Libra

Field 67.6.I /Prestel 1188 - Sagittarius   Field 67.6.J/Prestel1 183 - Taurus

Field 67.6.K/Prestel 1191 - Aquarius      Field 67.6.L/Prestel 1189 - Pisces

Edition:  169/250 on Arches teinte paper

I - L on Japanese paper

15 hors commerce proofs designated A - O

Note: Dali’s Twelve Signs of the Zodiac are a  group of works in colours. He replaced the Cancer Crab with a Lobster as an interesting reference to his earlier works but left the rest of the Zodiac signs virtually unchanged.