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Salvador Dali - Petits Nus d’ Apollinaire (from Secret Poems by Apollinaire)


Salvador Dali Nude with guitar
Salvador Dali The Trenches
Salvador Dali Nude with snail
Salvador Dali War of 1914-18

                    Nude with guitar                                                The Trenches                                                  Nude with snail                                                         War of 1914-18


Salvador Dali The drawers
Salvador Dali Nude, Horse and Death
Salvador Dali Nude at the Fountain
Salvador Dali Nude with parrot

                  The Drawers                                            Nude, Horse & Death                                    Nude at the Fountain                                      Nude with parrot

8 original etchings reworked in drypoints, 1967,  with hand colouring, signed by the artist in pencil, with blind stamp signature , on Japanese paper.

Size:  Vignette (paper 28.5 x 38.2 cm ; plate 12 x 9 cm) 

Note: The vignettes were published separately under the title Petits Nus d’ Apollinaire in an edition of 95 on Japanese paper. Some were also used as Christmas cards

Edition: 3/95 (95 on Japan ; 10 proofs)

Printed by: Pierre Argillet, Paris

Published by:  Robbe


Les neufs portes do ton corps (Les tiroirs  The drawers)  - M&L 199 - Field - 67.10.i (72-4)

Guerre de 1914/1918 - 2 - M&L 200  - Field 67-10-C (72-4)

Nu, cheval, et la morte (Nude, horse and death) - M&L 201 - Field 67.10.J (72-4)

Nu a la Fontaine (Nude at the Fountain) - M&L 202 - Field 67-10-B (72-4)

Nu au perroquet (Nude with parrot)   - M&L 203 - Field 67-10-H (72-4)

Nu a la guitar (Nude with guitar) - M&L 204 - Field 67-10-E (72-4)

Tete d’épines (Les Trenchee) (The Trenches)- M&L 205 - Field 67-10-D (72-4)

Nu a l’escargot (Nude with snail) - M&L 206 - Field 67-10-G (72-4)


Michler & Lopsinger (Prestel) 199 to 206 (Page 156)

Field (Page 34)  72-4 B,C,D,E,G,H,I,J

Bruce Hochman: Print Price Guide to the Graphic works of Salvador Dali (2016 Edition) - 1973.7 - page 105 - priced at $8200 per piece.

Note: These etchings were published in the portfolio “Poemes secrets d’Apollinaire” 1967 which consisted of 18 etchings in total. They were later published in this separate portfolio as vignettes and this we give the two Field references above. 

The etchings themselves are mysteriously titled with the title having nothing to do with the subject matter. The probable reason for this is that they refer to poems by Apollinaire and are interpretive of these. The poet Apollinaire was a good friend of Picasso’s and an important literary figure. He was called up to fight in the First World War and was severely wounded. He died having apparently recovered from his wounds at a very young age rather tragically. These etchings are a homage to the poet and apparently they have harmless nudes in interesting poses. They do, however, have different associations with the war such as the Trenches and Nude, horse and death. Dali has a surrealist interpretation of what was a significant and horrific event.

Condition: Good

Authenticity: Provided with the portfolio is a certificate signed by Jean-Christophe Argillet dated 2nd May 2014. In this he states that these etchings were published by his father and are signed by Salvador Dali.