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Salvador Dali - Le Decameron

Salvador Dali The Shared Sin
Salvador Dali The Betrothed of the King of Algavre
Salvador Dali The Devil in Hell
Salvador Dali The Angel Gabriel
Salvador Dali The Hell of Cruel Beauties

                 The Shared Sin                  The Betrothed of the King of Algavre             The Devil in Hell                              The Angel Gabriel                    The Hell of Cruel Beauties

Salvador Dali The Woman taken in Adultery
Salvador Dali The Tun
Salvador Dali Blanchefleur
Salvador Dali Comrade Pierre's Mare
Salvador Dali oman Restored to Life

    The Woman Taken in Adultery                          The Tun                                            Blanchefleur                            Comrade Pierre's Mare                  The Woman Restored to Life

Complete Portfolio comprising 10 Original Drypoint Etching in colours, on wove paper, loose as issued, within the original red leather boards with metal front, plate signed by Dali, , housed in the red portfolio box, 1972,  each signed in pencil, with title page, text and justification in italian.

Note: The 10 drypoint etchings are entitled as follows:

  1. Le peche partages (The shared sin) - Prestel 552/Field 72-A
  2. La Fiancee du roi de Garbe (The betrothed of the king  of Algarve) - Prestel 553/Field 72-B
  3. Le Diable en enfer (The devil in hell) - Prestel 554/Field 72-C
  4. L’Ange Gabriel (The angel Gabriel) - Prestel 555 / Field 72-D
  5. L’Enfer de beautes cruelles (The hell of cruel beauties) - Prestel 556/Field 72-E
  6. La Femme adultiere (The woman taken in adultery) - Prestel 557/Field 72-F
  7. Le Tonneau (The Tun) - Prestel 558/Field 72-G
  8. Blancheflower (Blanchflower) - Prestel 559/Field 72-H
  9. La Jument de compere Pierre (Comrade Pierre’s Mare)  - Prestel 560/Field 72-I
  10. La Ressuscitee - (The woman restored to life) - Prestel 561/Field 72-J


The justification states that the edition consisted of 25 proofs numbered I to XXV and a further edition of 125 proofs numbered from 1 to 125. Our portfolio comes from the first group but all the proofs are signed and not numbered. The Colophon states this is number XXV. The signed prints are linked to pages of text. This was printed on a number of different papers. The information Prestel takes from the Charles Sahli catalogue. Presumably these figures relate to editions made in toto for different countries: There were 15 artists proofs. Prestel fails to mention the paper. 

124 proofs on Arches paper ; 150 proof on Richard de Bas paper ; 150 proofs on Rives paper ; 175 proofs on Japan Nacre paper ; 150 proofs on Johannot paper

Published by: Michele Broutta and Pamela Verlag

Printed by: Ateliers Rigal, Paris, France

Size: Paper size 450 x 310 mms Image size 215 x 148 mms