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Salvador Dali - Alice in Wonderland

Salvador Dali A Caucus Race and a Long Tale
Salvador Dali The Mock Turtle's Story

     A Caucus Race and a long tale                              The Mock Turtle’s story


Heliogravures in colours, made after Original gouache, on BFK Rives watermarked paper with wide margins,   1969 ,  signed  by the artist in pencil, 

Size: Paper :  580 x 450 mms, Image size 270 x 398 mms

Edition:  Artists proof. Field says that there was an edition of 100 on this paper with several artists proofs signed of which our example is one.  There were also proofs on Japan nacre paper  and 4 made on parchment.

Note: These were part of a portfolio entitled “Alice in Wonderland, with texts by Lewis Carrol . The plates made illustrate the works “Alice in Wonderland” and “Through the Looking Glass”. The suite consisted of the following:

Alice - Prestel (Page 171) l 321/ Field (Page 36) 69-5 A

Down the rabbit hole - Prestel 322 / Field  69-5 

The Pool of Tears - Prestel 323 /Field 69-5 

A Caucus Race and a Long Tale - Prestel 324 /

The Rabbit sends in a Little Bill - Prestel 325 /Field 69-5

Advice from a Caterpiller - Prestel 326 /Field 69-5

Pig and Pepper - Prestel 327 /Field 69-5

A Mad Tea Party - Prestel 328 / Field 69-5

The Queens Croquet Ground - Prestel 329 /Field 69-5

The Mock Turtle’s story - Prestel 330 /Field 69-5

The Lobster Quadrille - Prestel 332 /  Field 69-5

Who stole the tarts? - Prestel 332 / Field 69-5

Alice’s evidence - Prestel 333 / Field 69-5

Published by: Maecenas Press, New York + W.U.C.U.A

Printed by: Ateliers Rigal, Paris, France

Provenance/Authenticity: This comes from the Private collection of Madame Denise Rigal who was the printer of the portfolio. It is signed by her verso to authenticate the work. “Epreuve faisant de notre collection - Denise Rigal”

Condition: In good condition